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Magus’ Theme by Yasunori Mitsuda/Nobuo Uematsu from Chrono Trigger.

Could you please post Magus's theme from Chrono Trigger? One of my favorite themes from one of my favorite games! That would be awesome! :)
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Ice by Jesper Kyd from Borderlands 2.

May we get Ice from the Borderlands 2 ost?

I’m in love with this soundtrack! Just not the game so much… it’s a serious boyfriend stealer ;| Am i right!?

I’m backkk, and a request would be much appreciated to get FYVGM going again. 

Nice to see you guys again. :) How’s life been?

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Main Menu by Akihiko Narita from Resident Evil 6.

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Leon/Helena Chapter Complete by Akihiko Narita from Resident Evil 6.

Tomohito Nishiura - Reminiscence
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Song — Reminiscence

Soundtrack — Dark Cloud OST

Composer — Tomohito Nishiura

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Video Game Music Confession

By: ghost-of-the-desert

Although it doesn’t technically appear in the game, this song always gives me chills. It’s beautiful, haunting yet unsettling at the same time. Every time I hear it I stop what I’m doing and listen. I heard this song nearly every day at my mother’s house, where I had the soundtrack continually playing in my old stereo. Now I get nostalgic and emotional whenever I hear it.

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